Find your Fall Style in four easy steps

A favorite season of mine is fall.  I love the change in weather and landscape! The transition also means it is time to change over your wardrobe and determine what you want to purchase and how to coordinate it with what you have in your closet. I look at the trends for the season and what I am seeing in the stores (and on the streets of New York & London this year).  And, I figure out how to incorporate what I see and like with what I currently have.  Sometimes integrating the new and the old, summer and fall, and coordinating it all can be frustrating with a feeling of not knowing where to start.  Here are four simple ways to make the transition into fall easily with the right modern and stylish pieces to incorporate into your fall wardrobe that will make you feel good:

Layer it up! Keep wearing your lightweight shirts and tops, but add a new blazer or jacket over them.  Try a houndstooth blazer, or a leather jacket- big trends of the season.  When it gets colder you can start wearing sweaters and long sleeved tops under the blazers and jackets. 

MiaRoba's on trend and modern blazer by FRNCH. Impeccable quality and cut, great details and rich colors that you can match with almost anything- t-shirts, blouses, sweaters, jeans, skirts- the possibilities are endless.  Double breasted and side pockets.

 Reach for the dark tones. Start wearing darker jewel toned colored shirts and dresses that are light enough to still keep you cool.  Bold prints are in and a great choice to add to your wardrobe.

 Fate Geo Print Peasant Blouse-Modern geometric blouse with deep colors and details.  Black, slate blue, teal, deep orange, maroon red. Collarless scalloped drop neck with scalloped sleeve detail. Medium fit and beautiful draping fabric.

Build up your neutrals.  A big longer lasting trend I am seeing is modern neutrals.  Look for enhanced basics that have style, great fit and lines with quality fabrics in colors of white, ivory, tan, gray and black. They will go with virtually anything in your wardrobe and can be worn in many seasons.

Think collections! When you are buying more than one new piece, make sure you are creating a modern collection that you can mix and match with other pieces.   I think one of most difficult things is when you purchase a great looking piece but it doesn’t go with anything you have. It sits in your closet untouched- or you figure out later you need to buy something to go with it! An easy way to make sure you wear what you buy is to decide on a color palette for your wardrobe.  Keeping to a few coordinating colors creates the foundation for your collection- perhaps it is black and neutrals- or blues or browns.  Then purchase the pieces you love that can be incorporated into that color collection.  The more you think of your wardrobe as a collection, the easier it will be to add new pieces that will work with what you have.  And you will save money in the long run when you have a closet of clothes that work together.


Now is the time to go through your closet and decide what you want to add. Check out our collection at MiaRoba- your place to Find Your Modern.  Add a new favorite to your current wardrobe or create a collection.  


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